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If you are wondering how you could get back your clear eyes, a refined skin tone, a robust nervous system and an increased zest for life. - and NO side effects!

Ayurveda can do it for you! Ayurveda therapy is based on the ancient wisdom of good living. The word Ayurveda is formed from the root words of Ayu = Life Veda = Science (or the way).

Thus, Ayurveda is defined as 'the Science of life'. This is an ancient system of medicine that uses herbs and oils to heal and rejuvenate. Heavily influenced by the system of the same name in India, Ayurveda is widely used in Sri Lanka for a range of ailments. Ayurveda promotes prevention and the maintenance of lasting health to a very advanced age. It detoxifies and cleanses the body and helps recovery and relaxation after acute and chronic illnesses. Treatments can typically include dietary and other lifestyle advice, massage and use of therapeutic oils, meditation and collaborative Yoga Therapy.Ayurveda treatment shows that by changing of food habits and the way of life, you can achieve internal harmony of both the body and the mind. Regular treatment with Ayurveda shows the following results: Clear eyes, a pure skin, a strengthened nervous system and a younger appearance.