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Sri Lanka Attraction Beach Nilaveli Located In Trincomalee

Situated 257 km from Colombo, this city is the ideal refuge for the beach addicts. It comprises a fine natural harbour and excellent beaches. Horatio Nelson - the British admiral of the 18th century - on arriving at the Trincomalee harbour, described it as the finest harbour in the world.

This beautiful harbour was in use since the days of the early Sinhala kings. At the site there is an oldPortuguese/Dutch Fort that has an inscription above its entrance, made by Dutch in 1676, is reminiscent of the colonial rule. The British subsequently named it ‘Ford Frederick’.

Nilaveli Located in Trincomalee district, 271km from Colombo or 14 km from Trincomalee, Nilaveli is a prime beach resort in the east coast. It is ideally suited for sun bathing, swimming and diving. In addition, a few meters off shore, is a small rocky island that is good for snorkelling. All water sports are available here including fishing and sea angling and whale watching in the sanctuary. In 1985, Nilaveli was the venue for the 1985 International Fun board Championships.