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January to December

KALPITIYA 167 KM (103 Miles) From Colombo Kalpitya is located in the North Western Province, Puttalam, of Sri Lanka . The city consists of a total 14 islands, that are a crown for its stunning natural beauty.

Kalpitya is also famous for its oceanic beauty. It is definitely showing its true potential under great refinement and development, which is ultimately leading it to become a relentless tourist attraction.

Its history is rich and dating back many centuries. It was once under the rule of Portuguese. The city has suffered its share of tragedies over the decades but still stands erect and proud. Kalpitya is famous for it's wide range of water sports. people fond of such activities will love this city and enjoy it immensely. Most of the residents of Kalpitya are fishers. The sea food is so good that it melts in your mouth. Above all, the setting and landscapes give it a serene beauty not many can even imagine.